Happenings at Prairie Pointe


Happy Thanksgiving! Who would have thought last March that we would still be dealing with this virus at Thanksgiving?

Nonetheless, we still have plenty for which to be thankful and hopefully by next year, we will be thankful a vaccine has eliminated this deadly disease.

In the meantime, the virus rages on so we are begging you, please take it serious. Wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands!

If we would ALL wear a mask for just a month, countless lives could be saved. Our hospitals, doctors and nurses are stressed to the max. Many of them are sick and unable to work as well. We can make more beds. We can find more ventilators. We can’t make more nurses. So please help. The life you might be saving is your grandmother’s or your dad’s or your own.

Prairie Pointe residents and staff were saddened by the death of former resident Anna Dobrinski. Anna was a fascinating lady who we will be sorely miss. She was very particular about her personal appearance and especially her hair style and color. As a woman of strong faith, she kept Prairie Pointe in a supply of the daily devotional booklets, Our Daily Bread. In memory of Anna, Prairie Pointe will continue the tradition she started. Our sincere sympathies go out to her children who include Janice Hoover (OJ’s Flower Shop) and Calvin Dobrinski of Bristow.

Prairie Pointe is owned by the City of Stroud and when we have plumbing issues, they can usually fix it. But, when we have needed a plumber, Steve Murfin is our guy.

Steve has always taken his work serious and if he commits to a day and time, he’s generally there. Friday afternoon I got a call from Steve apologizing for the fact he would not be able to make his appointment that evening at one of my rentals.

He was calling from an ambulance in Broken Arrow. He had been run over by a car and both bones below the knee of his left leg were broken. He had to have been in excruciating pain but ever the professional, he was not going to be a ‘No call, no show.”

I am sure many of the towns in Lincoln County have their own Steve Murfins--the guys that come out in the middle of the night or on New Year’s Day to fix your problem.

They are your long-time friends and neighbors and help make small town living so great. What would we do without them!

Just one more thing to add to our thankful list this year. Per Steve’s parents, Judy and Jerry Murfin, Steve’s surgery went well and he was headed home Sunday. Our well wishes for a speedy recovery are with Steve and his family.