Ready for Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is a great time of the year.

My wife Pat and I always look forward to Turkey Day. Once again we are really excited because our family will be here and that includes our daughter Meghan, her husband Terry and their son, Liam (our grandson).

It’s the third Thanksgiving for the special little guy. My mother-in-law Ruth

My mother-in-law Ruth Davis, Liam’s great-grandmother, of course will be with us as well. You can tell she is excited and already has been looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Our son-in-law Terry is preparing the turkey. Meghan said he would be glad to do it and we are all for it.

We are gathering at our house. This year, we’re doing it the day before Thanksgiving because of Terry’s work schedule. But that’s okay. He has to work Thursday through Sunday.

The other night Pat informed me our daughter Meghan is bringing the desserts. She said her mom is bringing sweet potatoes and a ham.

As we were visiting, Pat mentioned she won’t have to do quite as much. With Terry smoking the turkey, that takes some of the load off of her.

Knowing Pat, though, she will be busy preparing other dishes for our dinner. I know she will doing the dressing that is always delicious and other items as well.

I’ve learned my main job is doing whatever Pat tells me, don’t get in her way and that means staying away from the kitchen.

It could also mean running to some store to pick up something she’s forgotten and that gets me completely out of the house.

Thanksgiving is a time for family to gather and enjoy one another and to remind ourselves why we should be grateful.

Even though I always enjoy the meal, what is best about the day is having the family together, sitting down, giving thanks and just visiting. Too often we don’t slow down long enough to appreciate each other as we should.

This year, it will also mean helping keep up with little Liam, maybe tossing around some of his balls. If it’s nice enough, we’ll go outside.

He loves to go out and we have the big fenced yard he enjoys.

I like to reflect when I was a kid and growing up and the large Thanksgiving gatherings we would have at my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family.

For some reason, as I grow older, family has just become more important to me and I’ve learned better to appreciate that time we get to spend together on the holiday.

This year, for many, many families, Thanksgiving will be different because of COVID-19.

Large families may not gather as much.

Fortunately, I guess, we have a small family.

With Ruth, Pat, Meghan and little Liam, that means four generations of Pat’s family will be represented. That’s pretty special!

Hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Eat lots of turkey and everything else that goes with it.