Update from Meeker Town Hall

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Update on “Quapaw 15 Project/Meeker Lake

I talked to Tammy Sawatzky this morning and she said that the surveying that is going on at the Lake now is resolving some issues from the previous surveying crews. Once the survey is redone, we will all sit down together and do an overview on land rights.

After finalization of land rights, construction will start approx. December 2021/January 2022.

She said allow at least a year for construction.

So, we should look forward to year 2023 for Meeker Lake completion, in her opinion.

Updates on Glenncrest Park

A new concrete slab has been poured and finished for our new 12’ x 21’ all steel pavilion.

The concrete parking lot will be formed and be poured in 5 pours. The 2nd form is in place and has been poured. Rebar steel is in all of the concrete sections including the pavilion area.

The water line is in place for the park. Electricity is coming soon.

Update on Ice Storm

We applied with D.E.Q. for a citywide burn of our broken limbs. The approved burn site will be at our sewer plant on Veterans Drive.

There are signs showing you where to drive to the burn pile once you are on the Sewer Plant property. You are responsible for unloading your own limbs during regular working hours, which are Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. No Holidays.

Our Town employees will still go around town and pick up limbs. When we can borrow a chipper in a couple of months, we will chip what is left around town.

Update on “Light the Park”

This is Homestead Park, south on Scott Street.

Tree and brush trimming along with a lot of painting will spruce up the park for activities after the parade, December 5th, dark thirty till 10 PM. Local businesses, churches, and others will have a display this year at the park. A live nativity scene will also be there. Please contact Connie Walton (405) 279-4379 or Debbie Williams (405) 496-1705.

Update on Streets and Alleys

A lot of potholes were filled with cold patch. Also, the emulsified granite has been placed on some roadways.

Update on PWA

PWA employee, Charles Crowley, has received certification of a Class D in water. He attended a two-day class with the OWRA and scored an 80. These classes were held in Kansas, OK.

Multiple water line breaks were repaired around town. The water lines and fittings were found to be rusted completely in two.

Sewer and water lines need to be on the forefront of our plans to be replaced soon.

D.E.Q. inspected our sewer plant and zero infractions were found.

Remember to stay positive so we can get this country back to where it needs to be.

Please keep your social distancing of six feet, wash hands often, and keep sanitizing.

We appreciate all our local businesses and your support and spending your money locally helps keep them in business. The local businesses appreciate the support.

To stay up to date on the latest news in town, visit our Facebook page: Town of Meeker, Oklahoma or go to the website below. Please make sure to like and follow our Facebook page to see updates. www. townofmeekerok.com