Public Records


Lincoln County

Marriage Licenses

Winfred Monroe Hill, Kaufman, Texas, and Vetrice Mae Ebers, Chandler.

Erica Brooke Potter and Samuel Breyton Doty, both of Tryon.

Dalton Matthew Evans and Jennifer Lynn Tubbs, both of Meeker.


In the Matter of the Petition for Probate for Ricky Lynn Melson.

In the Matter of the Petition for Probate for Sherman Brady Pirtle, Kathryn Sue Pirtle.

Civil Cases

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance Vs. Joshua Patrick Hebensperger - Replevin.

Phoenix Construction & Disaster Services LLC Vs. Parkland Manor Living Center LLC and Julie R. Justice - Money Judgment.

Central Ok Federal Credit Union Vs. Tyler R. Armitage and Brittany Fowler - Foreclosure.

Midwest Regional Medical Center Vs. Nathaniel Sikes - Money Judgment.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Pamela M. Wade - Indebtedness.

Discover Bank Vs. Mitzi Wilson - Breach of Agreement.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Jennifer Shealynn Vinson - Indebtedness.

Nation Collegiate Student Vs. Malissa Renee Rednour - Indebtedness.

Small Claims

Courtesy Loans Vs. Ryan Andrew Forbis - Indebtedness.

James Todd Smith Vs. Pamela M. Wade - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Jerry Don Dutton and Carole Dutton Vs. Glenn Clarkton and Stephanie Clarkson - Indebtedness.

Berry McCammon Vs. Gary Joe Long - Money Judgment.


Chasey L. Carter Vs. Tristan D. Carter.

Ashley Elizabeth Tonubbee Vs. Travis Jake Tonubbee.


Derek Wayne Dingman, Mannford - Escape from arrest or detention, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kassidy Miller, Chandler - Assault and battery.

Zoe B. Rayner, Shawnee - Driving under the influence of drugs.

Hayden Avant, Harrah - Carrying firearm while under the influence, driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of controlled dangerous substance.

Latrice Coulter, Wagoner - Driving under the influence of drugs, driving without a valid drivers license.

Eliah Lively, Wellston - Domestic abuse assault and battery.

Bobby Ray Loosier, Cushing - Domestic assault and battery in presence of minor.

John Arthur Mackey, Weatherford - Possession of controlled dangerous substance, public intoxication, transporting open container of intoxicating beverage.

Tyler Dean Langston, Midwest City - Eluding or attempting to elude police officer; speeding in posted zone; driving while license canceled, suspended or revoked.


Cory Lamar Williams - Unauthorized Use of Vehicles.

Bruce Edward Kommer - 1) Burglary, First Degree 2) Domestic Abuse - Assault & Battery.

Marcus Lamon Turner - Manslaughter.

Michael Alan Price - Knowingly Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property.

Lonny Ray Clark - Domestic Abuse.

Don Allen Belshe Jr. - Burglary in the Second Degree.

Trevor Laine Breedlove - Burglary in the Second Degree.

Katlynn Christian Hall - Burglary in the Second Degree.

Victor Lloyd Gallagher - 1) Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance 2) Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Casey James Coplen - Domestic Assault and Battery by Strangulation in Presence of Minor.

Sheriff’s Report

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following.

Sunday, Nov. 15: One traffic stop • Livestock incident on Hwy. 18, on Hwy. 66 & on Robin Hood Lane • Disturbance on 3460 & on 3293 • Panic alarm on 810 • Suspicious activity on 960 • Vehicle fire on Hwy. 66 • Vandalism on 3570 & on 880 • Vehicle accident on Hwy. 66 • Custody dispute near Sparks.

Monday, Nov. 16: One traffic stop • Papers served at three locations • Suspicious person on 3330 • Alarm on Deer Ridge Lane • Trash dumping on 3450 • Property dispute on 3310 • Theft on 3340 • Scam/mail fraud on 1070 • Civil standby on Hwy. 102 • Check on welfare on William Dr. & on Wildwood Dr. • Assault and battery on 860 • Trespassing on 800 • Suspicious activity on 810 • Vehicle theft on Hwy. 99 • Medical call on Manvel • Warrant Service 44 Special Ops Team on Manvel.

Tuesday, Nov. 17: Papers served at six locations • Suspicious vehicle on E. First & on 810 • Motorist assist on Hwy. 177 & on Ridgewood Dr. • Alarm on 1070 • Vehicle accident on Hwy. 177 & on Hwy. 18 • Theft on 3460, on Happy Trails Road & on Second St. • Harassment on Hwy. 62 • Vehicle theft on 990 • Misc. call on Pecan Meadows Lane • Burglary on Donna Jean Lane • Domestic disturbance on Hwy. 177 • Disturbance on 3490 • Check on welfare on Hwy. 177.

Wednesday, Nov. 18: Three traffic stops • Papers served at nine locations • Mutual aid out of county • Sexual assault on Meadowood Dr. • Vehicle accident at Chandler High School • Suspicious vehicle on 3414 & on Stage Coach Dr. • Disturbance on 820 • Suspicious activity on 850 • Suicide on 1070 • Suspicious person on Wildwood Dr.

Thursday, Nov. 19: Papers served at two locations • Disturbance on 3430, on Ranch Dr. & on Rambling Oaks Road • Livestock incident on 910 & on 780 • 911 hang up on Lincoln Ave. & on Hwy. 18 • Grass fire on 920 • Burglary on Whispering Oaks Road & on 3370 • Harassment on 3340 & on 1060 • Theft on Highline Dr. & on 990 • Property dispute on 1000 • Shots fired on 745 • Domestic disturbance on 790 • Check on welfare on Hwy. 177.

Friday, Nov. 20: Check on welfare on 3540, on 950 & on Hwy. 66 • Suspicious vehicle on 3430 • Unattended death on Meadow Lark Lane • ATV accident on Hwy. 177 • Burglary on 3490 • Suspicious activity on 950 • Disorderly conduct on Rambling Oaks Road • Property dispute on 3480 • Domestic disturbance on Paula Jean Drive.

Saturday, Nov. 21: One traffic stop • Check on welfare on 3430 • Motorist assist on Hwy. 18 & on 820 • 911 hang up on 3580 • Harassment on 1000 • Noise complaint on 1020 • Vandalism on 890 & on 3390 • Suspicious person on 820 • Theft on 920 • Suspicious vehicle on 3390 • Suspicious activity on 3380 • Burglary on Sixth St. • Reckless driving on Hwy. 66 • Medical call on 890.

Chandler Police

There were no reports submitted by the Chandler Police Department before press time.

Stroud Police

There were no reports received from the Stroud Police before press time.

County Jail

The following were booked into the Lincoln County Jail since Nov. 15.

Monday, Nov. 16

Christopher Lee Buss, Prague - Allow domestic animals to run at large.

Ralph Stewart, Chandler - Child abuse by injury.

Curtis Wayne Vaughn, Wellston - Driving under suspension or revocation, failure to pay all taxes due to state, transporting open container.

Hefton Wayne Young, Wellston - Burglary in the second degree.

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Glenn Allen Asher, Cushing - Public intoxication.

Janelle Bertha Brown, address unavailable - Possession of paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance. Brian Jacob Corey,

Brian Jacob Corey, Sioux City, Iowa - Improper equipment, transporting open container, driving under suspension, failure to maintain insurance.

Michael Price, Davenport - Receive, possess or conceal stolen property.

Daniel Wahpekeche, McLoud - Dangerous drug offense and forfeiture of property.

Wednesday, Nov. 18

Clayton Albert Cullum, Stroud - Driving while license suspended or revoked.

John Arthur Mackey, Chandler - Possession of paraphernalia, public intoxication, possession of heroin, transporting open container of beer, possession of controlled substance.

Kayla Lavette Parker, Chandler - Possession of controlled substance; possession of paraphernalia; public intoxication; carry weapon, drugs or alcohol into jail.

Thursday, Nov. 19

Kenntreell Lashawn Smith, Sparks - Carry or possess firearm by convicted felon, threaten to perform act of violence.

Friday, Nov. 20

Peyton Drew Keele, Tryon - Writ from prison.

Roderick Lament Turner, Chandler - Speeding; driving while license canceled, suspended or revoked.

Pamela Louise, Wartick, Tyler, Texas - Failure to maintain insurance, possession of paraphernalia, no drivers license, possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine).

Saturday, Nov. 21

James Leon Eversole, Davenport - Assault, resisting executive officer.

Otis Jeffery Glaze, Luther - Public intoxication.

Dustin Marshall Guess, Davenport - No valid drivers license, carry or possess firearm by convicted felon.

Sunday, Nov. 22

Kerwin Alan Green, McLoud - Failure to obey order of the court, obstruction of justice, no driver’s license in possession, possession of alcohol on tribal land, Pottawatomie County hold.

Pottawatomie County


Tanner Joseph Kasterke and Sammantha Nicole Birchall, both of Shawnee.

Evan Robert Janeway and Christin Janell Bennett, both of Shawnee.

Jasper Devine Scott and Amin Lin, both of Shawnee.

Samuel David Cameron and Janelle Kay Birney, both of Earlsboro.

Sean Michael Moucka and Keili Charai Smith-Morphis, both of Shawnee.

Michael Lamon Scott and Brenda Marie Fugate, both of Shawnee.


Sheila Harbin Vs. Wesley Harbin. Missy McCool Vs. Mi

Missy McCool Vs. Michael McCool.

Skylar Elizabeth Carter Vs. Clayton Wayne Carter.

Small Claims

Buddys Home Furnishings Vs. Buster Garland and Rachel Garland - Small Claims.

Buddys Home Furnishings Vs. Russell Jordan Harjo - Small Claims.

Advance Loans Vs. Carol Ann Snow - Small Claims.

Shamrock Neighborhood Park LLC Vs. Joey Smith - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Shamrock Neighborhood Parks LLC Vs. Joey Smith - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Shamrock Neighborhood Park LLC Vs. Mitchell Buss - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Bass Investments LLC Vs. Tony Crockett and Megan Crockett - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Patrick Penisten Vs. James Roger Hoke - Small Claims.

OKSH Pecan Shawnee MHP2 LLC Vs. Aaron Brown - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Robert Kirk and Jessie Kirk Vs. Kylee Kirk and Charles Thomas - Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Civil Suits

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Vs. Rosie M. Craig, Discover Bank, Midland Funding LLC, BancFirst, Ronald Zebulon Craig and James M. Craig - Foreclosure.

Money judgments were filed as follows:

Brady Brown Vs. Joe Leeray Braziel, Hassan Suleiman Farrah and US Roadway Enterprises Inc.

Drusia B. James Vs. Tyrone Davis Collins, McCorkle Truck Line Inc. and Transport Equipment LLC.

E-Z Auto Finance Vs. Shaniqwa Owens.

Michael Terney, Brooklyn R. Ternet and Kealey Terney Vs. State Farm Mutual Automobile.

E-Z Auto Finance Vs. Manheim Remarketing Inc. and John P. Weger.

First Fidelity Bank Vs. Dylan Conover.

E-Z Auto Finance Inc. Vs. Jonias Sheaffer II.

Midwest Regional Medical Center LLC Vs. Stephen Ellis.

Progressive Direct Insurance Vs. Nicholas Bennett Wilson.

Seminole HMA LLC Vs. Derrick Allspaugh.

Midwest Regional Medical Center LLC Vs. Samantha Kirk.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC Vs. Donna Wilson and Brian Wilson.

Midwest Regional Medical Center Vs. Tim Hudgin.

Bank of America Vs. Timothy Haran Upton.

Citibank Vs. Jordan Bishop.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Gary G. Griggs.

Citibank Vs. Cory A. Ozerenity.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Timothy Iovan.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Errol Dolf Goad.

Midland Credit Management Vs. Malloree Meese.

Cavalry SPV I LLC Vs. Jose David Reynosi. Cavalry SPV I LLC Vs.

Cavalry SPV I LLC Vs. Jason Greenwalt.

Cavalry SPV I LLC Vs. Eun Kim.

Calvary SPV I LLC Vs. Lee R Spurgin Jr.

Tinker Federal Credit Union Vs. Michael Tanksley.


Stephen James Hale - Rape - Second Degree.

Danielle Lynn Martinez - 1) Possession of Stolen Vehicle 2) Obtaining Cash or Merchandise by Bogus Check/ False Pretenses.

Tyler Matthew Tiger - Burglary in the Third Degree.

Tyler Coy Osborne - 1) Aggravated Assault and Battery Upon a Peace Officer 2) Possess Firearms After Conviction of During Probation 3) Felony Discharging Firearm into Dwelling 4) Possession of Firearm While on Supervision by DOC 5) Pattern of Criminal Offenses 6) Destroying Evidence.

Jacob Dillon Childress - 1) Driving a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol 2) Driving Left of Center 3) Transporting Opened Container of Intoxicating Beverage 4) Operating Vehicle With Improper Tag 5) Failure to Carry Insurance.

Jeremy Cheadle - Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance.

Andrew Alan Riggs - Burglary in the Second Degree.

Eddie Duwayne Workman - Burglary in the Third Degree.

Joseph Dewayne Hooser - Driving a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence of Alcohol.

Charlie Crawford Brock - 1) Knowingly Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property 2) Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Jordan James Mosby - 1) Endangering Others While Eluding or Attempting to Elude Police 2) Reckless Driving 3) Driving With License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked.

David Taldon Phillips Jr. - 1) Endangering Others While Eluding or Attempting to Elude Police 2) Battery/Assault and Battery on Police Officer 3) Battery/ Assault and Battery on Police Officer 5) Driving With License Cancelled/Suspended/Revoked 6) Resisting an Officer 7) Failure to Signal on Turning 8) Removing Proper or Affixing Improper License Plate.

Jamie Rachele Pawpa - 1) Possession of Stolen Vehicle 2) Eluding or Attempting to Elude Police Officer. Tazmon Lee Trout - 1)

Tazmon Lee Trout - 1) Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance 2) Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Kaydie Lee Gourley - 1) Possession of Stolen Vehicle 2) Knowingly Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property.

Christopher James Parson - 1) Larceny of Automobile 2) Possession of Stolen Vehicle 3) Driving with License Cancelled/ Suspended/Revoked.