Stroud Arts: The End to 2020...

  • Stroud Arts: The End to 2020...
    Stroud Arts: The End to 2020...

This is the Sixtyfi rst article in a semipermanent column for Stroud Arts that appears in the Stroud American. The mission of these articles is to inform, educate and inspire you, the reader, to Make Art Happen in your life and the life of our community.

Welcome to the End of a year we won’t soon forget! For so many, maybe everyone, this past year has held us in a holding pattern of dread expectation and confusing uncertainty.

For the Arts in Lincoln County, it has been the same. The Board Members of Stroud Arts and Lincoln County on Stage throughout 2020 have held meetings, sometimes virtually, where they have discussed, planned, implemented plans, revised plans and cancelled plans. Sometimes all in the same meeting!

Yet overall, both boards have remained committed to their respective missions; to bring quality arts to Lincoln County and never fear, the Arts will return to Stroud and Chandler in 2021!

Next week I will write about LCOS’s 2021 Schedule but the remainder of this column will go to Stroud Arts and their upcoming Classes, Activities and Events.

The First Stroud Arts program for 2021 is ‘The Video Makers Workshop.’

This four-hour, one day workshop will run on Saturday, January 16, from 10-12 am and 1-3pm. The workshop is designed for the first time film creator and covers preproduction and production concepts and practical skills such as: Duties of the Film Director, Duties of the Cinematographer, The Script, Script outline, Storyboard techniques, Shot Outline, Camera use, Composition of the shot, Sound Capture, Lighting Design, The Set, Costumes and Props. The Afternoon session will be a practicum where participants will set up and record a brief oneminute scene.

Tuition for the Workshop is $10 per person.

The next SA program is a recurring activity ‘RPG Days,’ which is open to participants of all ages. This activity will run throughout the year and occur twice a week, Sunday from 3-7pm and Thursday from 6-9pm. All materials are provided.

These events focus in Table Top Role Playing Games and Table Top Wargames. There will be a maximum of two groups per day with no more than Six participants at each table.

The first series of games will follow the storyline of modern Earth being invaded from other realities and the Players are Heroes defending the world from these beings.

Admission is $1 per person.

The third SA activity ‘Fairy Tale Podcast’ will be occurring throughout the year and held on Monday evenings from 6-7 pm. This program is for voice actors who will rehearse and record a classic fairy tale that will then be edited and posted on Youtube. Actors of any age or experience level are encouraged to be involved, with the only requirement being that you must be able to read and speak at a conversational level.

All Actors must sign a release document and Parents or Guardians must sign for anyone under age eighteen.

The first rehearsal will be held Monday, January 1, 2021.

Let’s bring Arts back to Lincoln County in 2021 and …

…Make Art Happen.