Commissioners accepts Apprentice bid


Lincoln County commissioners on Tuesday accepted a bid from Apprentice to enable Emergency Management’s room to be connected to the courthouse IT infrastructure.

County Clerk Alicia Wagnon said commissioners approved the $10,532 bid from Apprentice.

On another item, commissioners delayed setup of a County Website through Kellpro. Wagnon explained it needs to be determined if the Website can be set up on the county’s domain or if it has to be on Kellpro’s.

Wagnon said she will ask Kellpro to have a representative present at a Dec. 17 commissioners meeting to discuss the issue further.

That meeting will be a regular meeting, she noted, “due to payroll and it will be the last meeting of the calendar year.”

Commissioners decided to table an item on purchase card policies and procedures manual until they and the Assistant District Attorney have time to better review it, Wagnon stated.

Wagnon said commissioners received the county treasurer’s statutory report for Fiscal Year 2021.

No action is required, she added, noting “it’s the report from the State Auditor’s Office received annually.”

A special meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. next Monday, Dec. 7. Wagnon advised that’s to open bids on ballots, a new wash rack at the fairgrounds and six-month bids on rock, lumber and other related items. She said there may be other items on the agenda as well.