Dale school board


Dale School Supt. Ky Wilkins updated Board of Education members on the district’s financial condition during its most recent meeting.

Wilkins told the board that through December of 2020 (this fiscal year), the district had spent more than $2.2 million. That compares with $2.4 million spent through December of 2019, a savings of more than $201,000.

He said the actual local revenue, money that the state cannot touch, stood at $326,803 through December of 2020 and in December of 2019 that number was $360,155, a decline of more than $33,000.

Wilkins said the building fund had $104,215 at the end of last month and in December of 2019 that amount stood at $68,207, a gain of more than $36,000.

The cash balance in December of 2020 was $561,343. That was $6,656 down from December of a year ago.

State aid received through December of 2020 was $1,360,391 and that is a $125,685 drop from the $1,486,076 the district had been allocated by the end of December of 2019.

Wilkins said the current balance of the education sales tax fund is $170,156. As he’s emphasized several times over the past few months, “I don’t want to touch that money unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

The superintendent further informed the board that the Oklahoma State School Board Association has indicated to him the district should receive about $250,000 in CARES Act money as part of the new stimulus package that was approved by Congress.

“We will have through 2023 to spend that money,” he told the board members.

The board adopted a resolution to set a date and time to place the sale of $665,000 in building bonds for the district and to designate bond counsel for the sale of the bonds.

The board agreed to meeting at noon on Friday, Feb. 5, for that purpose.

They also approved appointing an Acting President and/or clerk if needed to execute any and all documents pertaining to setting the maturities, date, time and place of the bond sale.

In his elementary report, Principal Bruce Throckmorton advised board members that eight new students have started at Dale Elementary since the Christmas break. “Everything is going really well, the teachers are ready to go,” he added.

In his secondary report, Principal J.D. Widner told the board that Homecoming will be at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 15. He said senior night for basketball and cheerleading is at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 18, and that Academic Letter Jackets and band senior night is 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 19.

“We still have 37 students who are on virtual learning,” he advised the members.