Updates from Meeker Town Hall

  • Updates from Meeker Town Hall
    Updates from Meeker Town Hall

1. Update on “Light up the Park”

A. Dismantling of all the Park displays & lighting is currently going on.

B. Please start now on making plans for next year’s “Light up Homestead”.

C. Thank you all for making this year’s Park an exciting & eventful place to visit & take pictures.

2. Update on Glenn Crest Park

A. The snow & rain has slowed down the process of getting part 4 of 5 areas poured for our parking lot.

B. The U.S.A. Steel Pavilion Co. told us that we will have at least another 2 weeks wait on that project.

3. Update on Corona Virus Vaccinations

A. These are going to be conducted in phases. Watch the T.V. & read this paper for what phase they will have you scheduled for.

I also hear people say they are not going to take a shot.

I guess that will be an option like wearing or not wearing a mask.

We do still live in America and we still have a Constitution we live by. Time will tell how all this plays out.

But I do know this, if we carry on using good common sense with keeping 6’ distance from each other & washing our hands often, keeping our surroundings clean & sanitized as we all have been taught just makes good sense.

4. Summary:

A. Keep on doing what we are doing.

B. Make a few adjustments.

C. This is where the Towns people come into play.

*Thank you & please continue to support all of our local business & churches

*That tax money stays at home

*Continue to social distance – staying 6’ apart

*Continue to wash hands often

*Please keep your area clean & sanitized

* Wearing masks is optional