Updates from Meeker Town Hall

  • Updates from Meeker Town Hall
    Updates from Meeker Town Hall

1. Update on “Light up the Park”/Homestead Park

A. Dismantling of all displays & lighting is still currently going on.

B. Please start now on making plans for next year’s “Light up Homestead”.

2. Update on Glenn Crest Park

A. Mr. Ryerson, the concrete contractor, has finished pouring all the concrete.

3. Update on Grants Applied For

A. We are happy to announce that we have been awarded the following grants from “Keep Oklahoma Beautiful:”

- $3,000 ODEQ Environmental Beautification Grant

- $2,000 ODOT Roadside Beautification Grant

4. Update on Meeker Lake

A. The Board of Directors has approved new Lake fees, which will be effective on February 1st, 2021. Below are the new Fees, Rules & Regulations.

Meeker Lake Rules & Regulations Effective February 1, 2021 Permit Category Fees

• Fishing:

o Daily (single) $5.00

o Yearly (single) 20.00

o Daily (family 10.00

o Yearly (family)* 30.00

o Under 16 and over 65 years of age No Charge

o Wheelchair confined No Charge

o Jug Lines (maximum of 10) Must have fishing permit

• Boating: (Fishing is included w/boating)

o Daily $5.00

o 3-days 10.00

o Yearly 30.00

• Jet Ski:

o Daily $5.00

o Yearly 30.00

• Camping: (Maximum 7 consecutive days, 2tents per permit)

o Daily, no hookups $10.00

o 3-days, no hookups 20.00

• Equestrian:

o Trails daily (single) $5.00

o Trails yearly (single) 20.00

o Trails yearly (family) 30.00

• Hunting shall not be allowed at the Town of Meeker Municipal Lake

• Fine of any violation listed hereinabove $159.00

• Note:

o **”Family” is defined as parents and children living in the same household.

• No ATV (all-terrain vehicle) will be operated on Town of Meeker Lake property-Unless granted permission by Town of Meeker designee.

o (Operation will result in impoundment of the all-terrain vehicle)

• No jumping or swimming from the Boat Dock or the Lake Tower.

o Swimming is only authorized in designated Swimming Area (roped off area).

• No Unauthorized use of the Town of Meeker Lake trash receptacles. If household trash is dumped, the Town of Meeker or a designee will investigate the dumping.

• Speed Limit is posted at 25 M.P.H.

• ANYONE under 18 years of age MUST BE accompanied by adult supervision.

• Vehicles will use caution leaving the roadway. If property damage occurs from leaving the roadway or designated parking areas, the Town of Meeker may hold the individual liable for repairs.

• No glass containers of any kind.

5. Summary:

A. Keep on doing what we are doing.

B. Make a few adjustments.

C. This is where the Towns people come into play.

*Thank you & please continue to support all of our local business & churches

*That tax money stays at home

*Continue to social distance – staying 6’ apart

*Continue to wash hands often

*Please keep your area clean & sanitized

* Wearing masks is optional

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