Happenings at Prairie Pointe


Prairie Pointe residents anxiously await their second dose of the COVID-19 virus vaccine. We took the first dose on December 28 and we are scheduled to receive the second dose on January 25. What a game changer this will be for our folks.

We are grateful to Debbie Beloncik and Lou Ann Miller with the Lincoln County Health Department for administering our vaccines.

Some of the questions about the vaccine include:

Q. Is the vaccine safe? A. Yes, both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines have been shown in latestage trails to be safe and very effective.

Q. If I had COVID-19 already, do I still need to take the vaccine? A. Yes, your natural immunity will vary from person to person and we don’t know how long natural immunity might last. Getting the vaccine, even if you have had COVID-19, will help you protect yourself and others.

Q. Can I stop following the 3 W’s (wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance) once I have gotten the vaccine? A. Yes, the vaccine is around 95% effective and may protect you—but you may still be able to spread it to others. We simply don’t know for sure and to err on the side of caution, please continue to follow the 3 W’s.

We have started reading a new book at Prairie Pointe. It is titled “I Remember Nothing” by Nora Ephron. It is a hilarious look at the past and bemoans the difficulties of the “O” word. (Old).

She takes us from her first job in the mailroom at Newsweek to the six stages of e-mail.

The first stage is infatuation—“I just got an e-mail! I can’t believe it! It’s so great!” to the last stage—“Just call me!” She tells of her greatest career flops to her most treasured joys and the story is full of Senior Moments (or, as she call them, Google moments).

Tonight in the theatre room we will be watching a PBS special “The Codebreaker.” This is a true story about Elizabeth Friedman, a suburban wife and mother, and a skilled cryptanalyst or codebreaker.

She first became something of a celebrity during Prohibition when the Coast Guard persuaded her to help them break the code of the secret messages coming from the ships transporting liquor to gangsters in the U.S.

In 1942 Hitler offered $250,000 to any who succeeded in sinking the Queen Mary, a passenger liner converted into a troop ship.

This never happened thanks to the decrypted messages Friedman delivered to the captain which enabled him to steer the ship to safety.

During Sunday services, Rae Bland shared a devotional on God’s love for us. Several verses were read by residents and we sang “Love Lifted Me.” We look forward to having our local church groups return to share with us.

We currently have openings at Prairie Pointe. If you are considering the assisted living lifestyle, come join our family.