Keeping the grandson

  • Keeping the grandson
    Keeping the grandson

We kept the grandson Liam this past weekend for parts of two days and a night and Pat and I both were really tired Sunday evening.

But it’s a good tired. It’s such a pleasure to have him around and we know that keeping him gives our daughter Meghan and son-in-law Terry a little break.

It provides Meg and Terry some time to be by themselves so if they want to just relax at home or go out for dinner they can do that without worrying about the little guy.

We’ve kept him for parts of two days and a night for two of the last three weekends. He seems to enjoy it a lot at Granddad and Gigi’s house.

We have the large, fenced backyard and he can run around, play in the two old dog pens we have, or drive his little plastic car around on the expanded concrete patio.

He found a little fire place shovel outside in the backyard a couple of months ago. That’s now his shovel and he’ll help me cover up a gopher hole now and then.

The little guy enjoys moving around the smaller logs on our firewood rack. He’ll pick several up and place them in a bucket and then take them out and put them back on the rack.

One thing for sure. He’s a busy little boy. It’s like he rarely stops moving. He’s constant motion, whether he’s outside or playing inside.

As Pat tells our relatives and friends he makes us laugh.

When you hand him a little flashlight or a toy, or something else that might have a working part, the first thing he does is try to see how it works. He’s so curious about everything.

He mimics his dad and is all the time saying “daddy, daddy.”

Liam and his Gigi are quite close. They have been since he was an infant.

He goes to Gigi whenever he wants something. Most of the time he seeks her out and grabs her hand and leads her to what he wants.

Occasionally, he’ll do that with me. But most of the time, it’s Gigi.

If I ask him if he wants to go out in the backyard or to go get the mail with me he comes immediately. He’s all about that.

As we drove him back to Norman last Sunday afternoon, Pat and I talked about how we miss him before he’s back with his parents.

When we got him back home, Terry and Meghan cooked dinner for us so we had some additional time with him and them and enjoyed the great meal they fixed.

As we drove back home that evening, we talked about how much we enjoy having the grandson around and how we miss him.