Trying to remember where


The other day when I started thinking about a topic for this column, I began searching for some old photos sent to me several years ago.

Now I’m not sure about some of you, but I told myself I’d placed them in a spot where they would be easy to find. I’d looked at them several times and they are the kind of photos one always wants to keep.

So, I put them somewhere for safekeeping. Obviously they are safe.

After looking for an inordinate amount of time, I am yet to locate them. Imagine that, putting them away in such a safe place that there’s no telling where they might be.

I do know for sure they are in a certain room, but have no idea where they are in this room.

So, I scrapped my original idea for the column. That one will be for another day.

But in looking and not finding those old photos, it led me to a different topic.

It may be obvious to some of you what that should be. That is putting all kinds of things away in spots where you know they will be easy to find when you need them.

In addition to those old photos I haven’t located, another instance that comes easily to mind is when we took down the outside Christmas lights in January of 2020.

A number of years ago we cleaned out our attic. We threw a pickup truck load away and took it to a dump.

We only kept those items that had sentimental value to us and a few things we needed to store up there. My wife Pat and I vowed then we wouldn’t let the attic get in that kind of shape again.

We’ve actually done a pretty decent job of doing that.

When we put up those outside Christmas lights in January a year ago, we placed them in one of those easy to get to spots and reminded ourselves then that is where they would be.

So, late last November, just before Thanksgiving, I dragged out the lights. I have a good friend put them up, because he’s good at it.

When he got them up, though, it looked like some were missing. Not his fault of course, but it didn’t seem we had as many.

Pat and I talked about it, got busy with Thanksgiving, and didn’t worry. Then after Turkey Day, we discussed it some more. We knew we were missing lights.

So, back up the attic I went. Sure enough, found four more strands exactly where I had placed them for safekeeping where they would be easy to find.