Hopes and resolutions

  • Trish Lenora
    Trish Lenora
  • Sabra Denson
    Sabra Denson
  • David Timmons
    David Timmons
  • Debbie Collins
    Debbie Collins

We asked a variety of area residents about their New Year’s resolutions and their hopes for 2021.

As you might expect, an end to the COVID-19 pandemic was a common hope.

Joe Van Tuyl

School Superintendent – Stroud

“Prosperity, good judgement and increased opportunities for all.”

Trish Lenora

Treasurer, Lincoln County Onstage - Chandler

“Well, I suppose if I had a wish it would be that everyone was vaccinated for COVID. And we were back to how we want, [to] 2019 – before we ever heard of it.

“My New Year’s resolution is to not procrastinate and be more organized.”

Sabra Denson

Director, Helping Hands Community Foundation – Chandler

“We [Helping Hands] are wishing for a homeless shelter in ’21.

“The reason for wanting a homeless shelter is due to us seeing the homeless population increase in Lincoln County and we want to make sure everyone has a safe and clean place to sleep and warm food to eat while working to be more self-sufficient.”

Jerry Ries

Owner, Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum – Warwick

“COVID to be all over; just to be able to be with people again.”

Diana Stobaugh

Owner, D’s Specialty House Restaurant and Catering – Stroud

“For 2021 to be a much better year, for people’s health, business, families, your loved ones, the elderly that are locked up and they won’t let their families see them.

“There’s so many people with no jobs and it’s a bad time [so] for 2021 to be a brighter star.”

Joe Jones

Pastor, First Baptist – Meeker

“Probably go to Israel … a Holy Land tour.

“I’m going to read the Bible through in one year and challenge the church to do that. I did that Sunday, I challenged the church to read the Bible through.”

Dickie Walton

City Administrator – Meeker

“Tighten up the budget, spend less for the city. And the two things we wanted was a sewer pumper truck and a wood chipper.

“For myself, to lose weight.”

Anthony Buoy

Owner, Anthony’s Food – Meeker

“Good health, I guess, after all this stuff going on.”

David Timmons Code Enforcement Of

Code Enforcement Office – Stroud

“Film 12 short fi lms this year – probably no more than 7 minutes in duration for each film.

“Spend more time with my family.”

Debbie Collins

Gypsy Corner – Chandler

“My New Year’s Resolution is to not repeat 2020 and to stop procrastinating.”

Layne Forneris


“COVID to go away. Life to get back to normal.”