Update from Meeker Town Hall

  • Update from Meeker Town Hall
    Update from Meeker Town Hall

1. Update on “Quapaw 15 Project “Meeker Lake”

A. COVID 19 has all the offices in OKC closed that we have been talking to get information from. We know the surveying is completed and now we wait for them to put the study together. The study will be the plan we will all follow for actions on the project.

B. I was glad to see the OWRA guys, Shawn Garrison and Kelley Matheson, interested in our Lake Project and new Water Plant.

Everyone is still wanting the new Water Plant to be online when the Lake Project is complete.

2. Update on “Festival of the Lights”

A. Wow! What an event that was. A parade that lasted an hour; I was told that this is the longest parade ever. It shows when you get people together that care, what can be done. Just imagine what the Town can accomplish when a few more people jump on board.

B. Maybe we could call it “Jump on the Meeker Train” and enjoy the ride.

3. Update on “Light up the Park”

A. What a beautiful sight this Homestead Park has turned into.

B. There have been thousands and thousands of lights placed on all the displays. Please drive by there at night and see what all the Towns people, Churches, Businesses and Groups have created.

C. Yes, it is a small park, but it sure is pretty at night.

D. More lights are added daily by Connie Walton and Debbie Williams and others.

E. The lights are displayed every evening from approx. 5 PM till 10 PM for your enjoyment.

F. Theses displays will end after the 1st of January 2021.

G. We will start this event again around 1st of November 2021. So, make plans and help in November. It will be bigger and better.

4. Update on Chamber of Commerce

A. Due to COVID 19, the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet has been cancelled.

B. The Chamber of Commerce meets every 2nd Thursday of the month at the First Baptist Church at 11:45 AM. Lunch and business meeting with special speakers. Come enjoy a great lunch and listen to what is going on in our Town.

5. Update on Corona Virus Vaccinations

A. These are going to be conducted in phases. Watch the T.V. and read this paper for what phase they will have you scheduled for.

I also hear people say they are not going to take a shot. I guess that will be an option like wearing or not wearing a mask. We do still live in America and we still have a constitution we live by.

Time will tell how all this plays out. But I do know this, if we carry on using good common sense with keeping 6 foot distance from each other and washing our hands often, keeping our surroundings clean and sanitized as we all have been taught just makes good sense.

6. Update on our New Age we will start living in.

A. Age of Aquarius – No, I’m not into Astrology, but when stars line up with the moon, the good Book tells us to look to the sky for signs.

We know about the Stone, Bronze and Iron, Ice age.

In December of 2020, we are in for the beginning of a New Age. Saturn and Jupiter will be aligning in the sign of Aquarius, as per Astrologists.

B. My summary is: Yes, we live from one age to another. One Holiday to another and in my opinion, if we will live and practice the Greatest Commandment of all and really try to live the love that it talks about, I think we will be OK.

So, Moms and Dads, hug and kiss your children and tell them you Love them. Oh and don’t forget about Grandma and Grandpa. This is what will make our Town and everywhere a better place.

7. Update on Growth and Development

A. Discussion about future plans, projects, grants and Fall Pumpkin Festival.

We appreciate all our local businesses and your support and spending your money locally helps keep them in business. The local businesses appreciate the support.

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